by Dan Kilday

2018 Online Book Club Children’s Book of the Year!

Welcome to the official website for Molly Warner; a sixth-grade student at Howard Middle School and newest reporter for the school newspaper, The Scratching Post.

Join Molly as she tracks down the source of some very mysterious events that have occurred around school. Along the way, she encounters hallway bullies, a rival reporter, and a newspaper editor who has it out for her.

With the help of her journalism teacher and her best source, "Frank the janitor," Molly resolves to find the real story behind what is going on and who is to blame.

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Molly Warner has a reputation around the halls of Robert K. Howard Middle School for being a gossip. If anything is happening, Molly knows about it and is happy to share it with anybody who will listen. Her habit even results in a new anti-gossiping rule that teachers privately refer to as, "The Molly Warner Rule."

When Molly is caught gossiping again, she thinks she's about to be in big trouble. Instead, Principal Vernon decides to put her "skill" to good use by placing her into the school journalism program. There, she learns the importance of a free press in our society and develops a keen skill for reporting.

When the beloved school basketball trophy goes missing, Molly becomes the key reporter tasked with investigating what happened. Her journey takes her on a whirlwind of discovery.


"Dan Kilday's Molly Warner: School Reporter is a warm, funny, and thoughtful illustration of what makes journalism so important -- and so much fun! Molly Warner has to tackle some of the difficulties professional journalists encounter every day -- unwilling sources, long-standing secrets, and blowback from investigative stories. This is a great read for any kid (or YA-loving adult, ahem) but a must for aspiring young journalists. I look forward to Molly's next adventure!"

-Marissa Melton; VOA News


A timely, topical subject wrapped in an adorably clever package. A joy to read, with plenty of giggles, Molly Warner: School Reporter is a great lesson to be brave and seek the truth, even if a little math homework gets in the way.”  

Trevor Scott; CBS Austin

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